Jack Kelly

Born and raised in Kansas City, Jack Kelly brings his live show to your Venue. Jack has shown his magic to the executive production of some of the biggest networks on NBC. America's Got Talent auditions has put him on the path he's on today. He has brought his magic to churches, youth groups, got talent productions, and restaurants.

Jack likes to make the audience apart of the magic. He finds himself not using special magic props or sparkly boxes but objects that are borrowed or even in the trash can. Jack's show consists of an hour of magic and music. Magic and Live comedy magic are included in the show.He uses a projector and a camera to get up close on close up sleight of hand when he has a big audience because he wants even single person to experience the magic if they are in the very back row. His shows at churches are something special, as he shares the good news of Jesus Christ through magic tricks.

"Jack Kelly is perfect for church youth groups and church events"- youth pastor Zac Smith